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one more to go! [16 Dec 2009|03:29pm]


Done with finals finally!
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darling dear deer darling [08 Oct 2009|08:49am]
I'm in the middle of moving apartments. I guess the big move out day technically falls on the 16th, when the bed and couch and dead skin and big stuff gets moved into the new and out of the old. I'm really excited actually. My current apartment is tiny, minuscule and overpriced. Slap the sign 'MIDTOWN' on your property and you automatically have the right to charge people twice the price they would pay on the cusp of a weird area and midtown.
My new place is two streets past Cleveland, next to a temple and behind a black beauty shop. There is a boarding house on the other side. My landlord is the only white dude I've seen in the area. Surprisingly I'm not scared, just worried about my car. There's a dog in the backyard, and I LOVE dogs.

Oh what do you know? Money's in my account and food stamps came in!

If you students haven't gotten on food stamps, oh you should. It's great. If you just claim yourself by paying your own loans or doing work study, you get 200 bucks a month. You can buy NICE food--like good cheese, meat not in a can, a frozen pizza that doesn't say 'party' on it. Despite my political standpoints, I'm in love with food stamps.

Back to the apartment, I just dream too much when change is in the air. During class I'll draw layouts and decorating ideas for each of the rooms (the studio is the only thing that really stumps me. It's not the type of room you can really decorate because so much stuff goes on in it). I check decor blogs and give myself projects (storing some away for the holiday bazaar). On the list is a special place for my cat to sit in the window. She can't see out of the windows in the old apartment because of the blinds and the lack of furniture underneath them--but I'll make a window bench just for her and let her look out on the street at some wandering crackhead. "It's okay, low rent and over 900 square feet is worth it."
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abfab [04 Oct 2009|03:14pm]

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miiilk MIIIIIILK [10 Sep 2009|10:21am]
I was about ten years too late for this AMAZING Sesame Street segment. The best ones below!

The music is FANTASTIC in these!
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you got me [02 May 2009|02:01pm]
I have a few more things to turn in for finals (20 large drawings and a sketchbook, 2 rings and a cigarette box, and my final writing portfolio), but I've been flown to South Carolina to spend a couple of days with my family before review committees and summer school. Grabbed a couple of applications for Brendan and I to work at the fireworks stand for a couple of weeks. Hair has been cut, hot dogs have been eaten and I'm ready to get back to Memphis. Hopefully I can knock out the rest of my work and get everything turned in on time. I dominated my anthropology final and made a solid B in my printmaking course (which were the two I was nervous about). If my grades really turn out, it will make Iowa a lot more attainable.
Teaching two weeks of Summer art camp this summer then getting pieces together for a show and for Brendan and I to start printing books. Work most of the summer, save up some money, spend two weeks in Iowa recording, looking around, and going to a wedding. We have to start looking for a house and I need to start amping up for my senior show. Everything feels like it's going super fast.
Had to get rid of gray kitten in previous post because she has a chronic digestion condition that I can't afford to treat, so I swapped her out for a different kitty. Shiela (temporarily named) is a polydactyl cat. Her paws look like oven mitts and she's a tortoiseshell cat. She won't come out from under the couch, so I have to lay on the floor to pet her.
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kitten! [31 Mar 2009|10:30am]

sweet baby.

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+WEEKENDS+ [04 Mar 2009|06:32pm]
Long hiatus of school work and watching movies. I have recently acquired some salvageable drum parts and intend to grab some more at SXSW. Been on a good kick of 70s car movies (i.e. Two Lane Blacktop and Vanishing Point). Saw The Wrestler and Let The Right One In: both were awesome. While watching one or the other I saw the trailer for Tarentino's remake of Inglorious Bastards: I don't know how I feel about this. I started thinking about Tarentino's career of ripping off movies he loves--like scalping Taking of Pelham 123 for Reservoir Dogs, or Vanishing Point for Death Proof (so obvious it's admitted). I mean, as far as remakes or new takes go, they're awesome but after watching the originals they're missing so much. Tarentino's movies are very dialogue driven, while in 70's flicks there's the necessary pun every once in a while but action is the main game. I don't mean to sound like some kind of jerk: I like Quentin in his own right, but he's never going to pop in my mind as a milestone (in a contemporary context, sure, but of all time, who are you kidding?). I love when people's influences show up but if they are so overbearing they overwhelm the entire film, it's too much.
Sorry to go off on that rant but people have been talking about Brad Pitt's scream of scalp lust from the trailer a lot.
This weekend I'll leave my house to see Waltz With Bashir. First animated movie I'll watch with my boyfriend besides Heavy Metal.

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the only way i'd ever go to a skating rink again [23 Jan 2009|06:41pm]
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oh so far [22 Jan 2009|01:13am]
My classes so far seem like they'll be pretty good. My new metals teacher reminds me of Gilliam, except without the sleek pompadour. I'm out of cigarettes and pretty hungry but my cupboards are bare aside from the reek of ant killer. Apartment cleaning tomorrow before Anthropology class. The book is sixty-nine dollars...it's paperback, what happened to the paper industry?
Speaking of classes, I've been doing a good bit of artwork all day and updated on my other blog. In case you're lazy or forgetful you can take a look-see over at L.Chastain.

I feel like such a whore plugging my blogspot.
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class schedule [20 Jan 2009|08:39am]
Advanced Life Drawing

Anthropology of Art

Metalsmithing 1

Anthropology of Art

Printmaking 1

Independent Study:
Special Topics Creative Writing

I have to clean today and an additional apartment tomorrow, see a man about a flat file, turn in my show application to the radio station, and start buying art supplies. Busy busy busy.
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YOU SHOULD [06 Jan 2009|04:26pm]


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December [03 Jan 2009|12:07am]
Movies Watched in the Month of December:

Lake of Fire
The Amityville Horror
Radio Days
Dirty Harry
Summer of Sam
The Basketball Diaries
Letters From Iwo-Jima
In the Realms of the Unreal
Karma Sutra
The Last Picture Show
Straw Dogs
The Host
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Every Which Way But Loose
A Christmas Story
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Paris, Texas
Silver Streak
Z Channel:A Magnificent Obsession*

Books Read in December:

In Watermelon Sugar
Trout Fishing in America
Will You Please Be Quiet Please?

*Why was I not alive and in California when this was going on? It's unbelievable that it existed and sad that it's not around anymore. How I would love to resurrect this! If you can't get a hold of this documentary PLEASE do some research! This channel was GROUNDBREAKING to say the least!

If I haven't said it already I'll say it again--I LOVE NETFLIX! It's the best nine bucks I spend every month (thus far)!

ALSO: Best 2 Time Wasters:


Absolute Boyfriend


Enough. Said.
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happy holidaze [25 Dec 2008|07:43pm]

i've been away far too long from photobooth

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confession [18 Nov 2008|12:33am]
I'm going to admit this to you and you alone:

I've been playing a ten day trial of W.O.W. and I can't stop. My undead warlock is leveling up fast and I'd hate to see her go.

Her name is Deadtits and she has three days left to live.

If I coupled cigarettes with WOW I'd have two expensive habits.
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rocktober [12 Oct 2008|01:09pm]
oil change:-$30
New Orleans train ticket:-$50
making clay:+$40

print #1: complete, tear down
print #2: retrieve, trace, coat screens, expose

glazes: must be made
project #2: torso 50% done, legs, head, tail pending

dickens: 50% read
jekyll and hyde: must read

fiction: first 400 down, more to go, plot plot plot pending

drawing: sketchbook till your hands bleed
bond paper, black and white conte, 2 erasers

go to doctor this week?

i tell ya, i have a headache.
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bottomfeeder. [22 Nov 2007|08:11pm]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

for my new illustrated story.
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attics in basements. [15 Nov 2007|11:57am]
coming home on saturday. see you then.
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! [19 Aug 2007|08:32pm]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

For Bear Grylls!Collapse )

little baby milk tree,
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! [06 Aug 2007|09:10am]
someone buy me this.
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! [09 Jul 2007|10:40am]
public photo/drawing/poetry journal.

if you want to.
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